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Frequently Asked Questions

A. There is no catch!  We want you to look your best all the times.

A. A fair amount of work goes into the administration of the program from labour to software and so on.  The fee also discourages program abuse.  Before implementing the administration fee, a number of members would come for service a day or two before their membership expired and then let it expire only to buy a new one on their next appointment! This would add a week or two to their membership every time and create substantial work and headache for the staff trying to keep track of the membership.

A. The barber may not have adequate time before the next booking to do the ‘usual’ things. This could mean cleaning the neck with a clipper instead of a straight razor, skipping the hair wash, and so on. The streamlining of service will depend on the time remaining before the next booking; the type of haircut needed…etc.

A. As much as we would love to have thousands of members, the reality is we are restricted by the size of our operation, the number of service providers, the hours of the operation, and so on. It would make no sense to add people to the program if they can’t book in reasonable time.

A. The aim is to make members aware of the impact of no-shows on the business and hopefully reduce its frequency.  The actual cost is considerably higher than one week membership.

A. We realize your relationship with your barber is very important.  However, we encourage you to try out different barbers (don’t worry you are not cheating on your barber!).  Being comfortable with a number of barbers gives you more options in the schedule, that way you don’t have to worry about your barber being on vacation, sick…etc.  

Your barber will also feel less guilty when she/he can’t serve you.  Go ahead and experiment with different barbers; get a feel for their unique styles; see what else you can learn about your hair from a different set of eyes.  That is one of the perks of the program.

A. Unfortunately one drink per client is all we can offer for licensing and insurance reasons.

A. Unfortunately no

A. Memberships are non-transferrable

A. No, you can buy as many months as you wish up to one year

A. The program currently covers haircuts and beard shaping.  There isn’t enough demand for other services like eyebrow shaping, manicure, and so on to create another tier. Members receive 10% discount on all of the services not covered by their membership

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