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It's All About The Experience

We see the best in you – let’s put it on display.

We know our way around the rich history of traditions that underpin great grooming. Afterall, we call Vancouver’s heritage district our home, and we haven’t forgotten our own background. We did a more traditional thing for many years, operating under the name Regal Barbers. In 2017, we decided it was time for a change.
The modern man appreciates a hot towel shave and precision haircut, but he’s also not afraid to take care of unruly brows or tidy up greys. We live in a world where attention to detail makes a man stand out, whether that be at the bar or in the boardroom, and our clients get that.
Sure, the point of coming to see us might be to leave looking and feeling like your best self, but we want you to enjoy your time here, too. Booking online is a snap and once you walk through our doors, we’re happy to pour you a scotch or a cappuccino and make you feel at home – or, at least, make you feel like you’re in the kind of home that has a cologne bar and a shoe-shining station.
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“Regal Grooming Lounge is phenomenal. You get exactly what you pay for and more. The level of service and care provided to you as a customer is top tier and you feel comfortable as soon as you arrive. They only use the best hair products and their staff is highly knowledgeable in what best to use on you.”


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