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What are we learning?

The art of creating the right beard shape for each client.

We will explore how to identify the different face shapes, what styles are best suited for each face type, trimming techniques and how to work with different lengths.

For that clean look, we will navigate through the science of the perfect shave to help you master skills that will give you confidence to work with any beard styles.

Progression of activities is fairly simple:
From 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM we will have a demo and Q&A.
From 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM it’s your time to train what you just learned!
The instructor will be going around for assistance and feedback.

Hey, bring your tools!

Models, yes!

You are required to bring a model with a medium to long beard at 6:30 PM!

Luke who?

Hailing all the way from Ireland, Luke is a natural talent when it comes to crafting remarkable beard shapes. With his skilled hands and keen eye, he transforms facial hair into a true work of art. Luke’s clients trust him completely, giving him the freedom to add those small yet incredible details that take their haircuts to the next level.

Luke’s expertise lies in creating flawless skin fades and impeccably tailored beard trims. He knows how to bring out the best in every client, delivering personalized grooming experiences that enhance their unique features.

But Luke isn’t just about precision and technique. When he’s not busy shaping beards, you’ll find him cheering on his favorite soccer teams and savoring mouthwatering burgers. These passions fuel his vibrant spirit, infusing a sense of joy into everything he does.