About RGLab

RGLab is a training centre for Higher Level Barbering Skills to meet the demands of modern men. RGLab students are current barbers or graduates of a recognized barbering/hairdressing program who are seeking a higher level training in a specific skill that sets them apart in their professional career. RGLab does not teach basic barbering skills and is not suitable for entry-level students. The students learn how to unlock their potential, advance their barbering skills, and reap the rewards of a stimulating and rewarding career in a thriving industry.
Men’s grooming industry is growing in leaps and bounds, and today’s men are expecting a lot more from barbers. A professional barber has the potential to earn more than many university graduates. The opportunity to be one’s own boss, work as much or as little as one wants, are limitless. A professional barber can succeed in a small village just as easy as in a big metropolitan city.

Teaching Methods

The workshops are a combination of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on experience, and role-play. Instructors are chosen by the school based on their demonstrated exceptional talent in each area. Industry experts are invited as guest speakers to enhance the student learning experience.
Length of workshops vary from a few hours to a few days. For example, Eyebrow Threading is a few hours while Straight Razor Shave and Beard Shaping workshop comprises of three levels- Essential, Professional, and Master, spanning a few days.
Classes are limited to a maximum of 6-8 students to allow for co-operative learning and adequate hands-on experience.